PSWAP Summer ProgramsEquiping Our Youth

For over 25 years has been one of the most visible advocate for drowning prevention. P-SWAP continues to provide water safety education and swim lessons for high drowning zip codes to help reduce the drowning rates.
  • Swim lessons for youth ages 1- 14 years.
  • Emphasis on Water Safety and Proper Water Skills.
  • Perfect for hesitant swimmers.
  • Life-Jacket for each successful completion of swim course.
  • Preventative safety measure course for parents to protect child during recreational water activities.
  • Personalize swim lessons for each youth between the ages of 1-14 years.

PSWAP Summer ProgramSwim Safety

One of the most critical water safety skills anyone should master is being able to survival float. Even a good swimmer can drown. Being equip to safeguard yourself is an essential part of learning how to swim.
  • Prioritizing the most vulnerable
  • Lowering health care costs
  • Sensible immigration reform
  • Promoting and working for democracy and diversity
  • Supporting our veterans and military families

Meet The PresidentBridget McKinney of PSWAP

Bridget Washington McKinney, PSWAP president conducts an annual Child Safety Learn to Swim Program at Opa-locka’s Sherbondy Park pool for underserved youth. The 45-minute sessions are five days a week over a two-week period.  In the program the students learn how to enter and exit the water safely.

“We specialize in providinf water safety instruction for children between 1 to 14 years of ages. Our Child Safety Learn to Swim Program provides a safe and enriched aquatic education program to underserved youth. The 45- minute sessions are five days a week over a two-week period. They learn how to enter and exit the water safely. Over time they learn proper arm and leg movements, strokes and breath control. They also learn how to properly use a life jacket. Each student in the program receives a life jacket that they can keep.” -Bridget M.